Sunday, May 24, 2009


Nick and I drove up to Packwood yesterday.
the drive was fun... Up until the traffic slowed to a crawl so slow that it didn't even register on the speedometer. every time we hit a 20 minute mark in the slow traffic Nick would say, "its OK, we will be out of the car soon enough." Then I would say " you said that 20 minutes ago." or 40 minutes and so on and so forth.

we drove to the camp site the rest of my family were staying at to see if they wanted to come with us to Packwood. they said they did want to but it was so crowded at Packwood we never did find each other.

I should explain that every memorial weekend Packwood turns into a huge flee market.

Nick and I were so proud of ourselves for only spending $20 between us. we got 4 movies. I got Krull, and Mystery men. Nick got an old Superman movie and Bubble gum crisis.

then we went back to have dinner with my family and went back to Vancouver.

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