Friday, May 8, 2009

The Abduction!

I went to work that afternoon like many afternoons before. After walking into the backroom I noticed a "Missing Poster" on the wall by the time clock. Nicks' beloved G.I. JOE was MIA. Not just missing... But abducted from his post at the front registers! Nick informed me he received a Ransom note in his locker that morning. The note read "Bring $20 in small unmarked bills and G.I. JOE will be returned unharmed." He also informed me That he doesn't negotiate with terrorists so I might as well give G.I JOE back... and there it was... I was caught... so I payed it off with, " why do you think I have G.I JOE?" He replied, "because your the only one in this place that would think of something like that." I spent the rest of the day trying to convince him that I didn't have anything to do with it but these guys sound like they mean business so he better do what they say.
Soon he Began receiving Ransom pictures.G.I JOE tied to toy train tracks,

G.I JOE being dragged behind a toy horse,

G.I. Joe over a lighter,

and others of the like.

When that didn't work someone sent him G.I. Joe's arms to show him they meant business. Nick stayed strong. After all G.I. JOE was only a lost and found toy that after going weeks unclaimed Nick himself had claimed for something to put a smile on his face when he was having a bad day.I had to think of something, I mean Abducting G.I. JOE was one thing but I couldn't just "off" the guy because Because Nick wasn't cooperating.


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