Friday, May 15, 2009

The Abduction Part 2...

I was running out of ideas and I was starting to grow bored with the abduction. So I started to give Nick little clues on the where bouts of G.I. JOE so I could watch Nick look for him for my entertainment. I hid G.I JOE in an ingenious location, Nick would never find him. Soon Nick started turning everyone in the store against each other for his entertainment. I think it was also in hopes that someone would crack and tell him what they knew. Little did he know there were few people who knew where G.I. JOE was at this time.

It had been several weeks when G.I JOE had become a valued prize among the associates of the store. More then one person wanted to get their hands on him and join in the fun. I gave Ashley (one of the girls we both worked with) and Nick the best clue I could think of to give them an equal advantage to finding G.I. JOE.

Nick single handedly rescued G.I. JOE from his prison inside a manila envelope taped under a base deck.

Unfortunately after our adventure someone really did abduct G.I. JOE when she allegedly lost him in her car and then sold her car.

I bought Nick a new G.I. JOE just like the last one in memory of his dear old friend. Now from what I understand G.I. JOE #2 lives in Nicks backpack and goes to school with him daily.

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