Friday, July 31, 2009


I'm having a little trouble with wedding music. soooo... what would you like to hear if you had to sit through a wedding?

Amazing Lyrebird of Australia

The real one.

the fake one. the person who did this one did a great job on matching up the bird with the effects.

Nicks updates!

This is the Picture of me Nick used in his new web page layout for school. If you want to see some more of his work go here!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

ergo proxy

there are 2 things I like about this clip. 1)I liked some of the artistic parts in it 2) Nick got me the series! I loved it though its not for everyone.

what am I going to do...

on my day off tomorrow? Probably sleep... A LOT. Its been a long week with lots of overtime for me.

I'm not feeling good but nothing a little sleep wont cure. I hope anyway!

I'm hoping to think up a good flashback Friday for you but I'm coming up blank. There are some that Nick wants to write with me, so I'm saving them. Good luck to me!

sweet dreams!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


When I watched Glee on hulu it was from shear boredom. I honestly expected the whole high school musical thing. although High school musical was pretty popular among some groups of people, I thought It was mildly entertaining but overall pretty lame. Glee was actually pretty funny. I would watch more... If they ever make more!

sneak peak for the next episode. I liked that they used converse on the background dancers. I'm thinking about putting my bridesmaids in Chocolate colored converse... Only without the heels.

wedding Dress!

as it is technically Wednesday now I wanted to tell you an update. I think I found "the dress". Unfortunately I want able to copy the image. for any one interested here's the link:


It is soooo hot! That's pretty much all I'm going to say about it because it is 1 am. you should know that its 1 am and still feels like its 100 degrees.this pic might look random, but it is melting because its so hot. the other reason I chose it is because I cant figure out why someone made a giant blue cow Popsicle!
luckily I'm a basement troll

its probably a good 10 degrees cooler down there! good night!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


One thing I hate about my job is that I always come home smelling funny! Tonight I smell like chili and pop. I'm not sure why they chili, but I got a pop bath while taking off the nozzles of the machine.

Off to shower and wash my clothes!

ok, ok...

I know Its not wedding Wednesday but I have an announcement to make... Nick and I decided about 24 hours ago that we are going to move the wedding up a few months. the new date is going to be May 22! I was having a pretty bad week and that made it a whole lot better. I know its only 3 months sooner but its still pretty exciting to me!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

happy day!

what a happy day this must have been! I hope that something about my wedding is unforgettable. no one that was there will forget this!

Friday, July 24, 2009

of crickets Part 2.

caution: this post may not be word for word. It was a week ago and I didn't write it down.

About a week ago I go to leave work and like always I looked at my phone. I had 2 voice mails that went something like this.

Voicemail #1 from Nick: I hate of crickets! and these people didn't just say 24 large or small of crickets they said they wanted 24 of crickets! then I asked how many crickets they would like and they said 24 small of crickets! I think they saw my eye twitch because they took a step back! I hate of crickets!

I'm sorry I didn't write the whole thing down because it was really more entertaining then I have shown. I know he said something about of cricket people dieing. you have to understand that nick has gone several years listening to several people a day with the same grammatical error. It just makes him hate Yakima that much more.

Voicemail #2 from Nick: I of love you!

Frosting on the cake my Friends, frosting on the cake.

speaking of cakes! check out Its pretty funny!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I feel the need...

Throughout my life I have heard that phrase off and on. In TOP GUN when they say they feel the need for speed.

Periodically throughout my life when my dad has gas as a warning to all he says he feels the need.
well today I feel the need... the need to blog! of course there are other needs that one cannot do a lot about like to be independently wealthy, this will at least take care of the first need.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

change is in the air...

First of all I wanted to say that I will try to do better at posting things that are not on wedding Wednesday.

Secondly... I am under the impression that Nick and I will no longer be having a themed wedding. Some of the people that were gong to me in the wedding were not comfortable with dressing up to a theme. so Its back to square one with wedding clothing. I will let you all know how it goes.

another "I want to see"

I'm pretty exited about this one!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Harry Potter

Tonight Melissa and Roger and I went to see Harry Potter. I think the girls sitting behind me were high, and Roger was sitting next to what he called " the human laugh track". Other then that I would have to say the movie was rather enjoyable. I didn't read the books though. From what I understand like other Books that were turned into movies, the book is better then the movie. still a good watch!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

how to tell your cat is plotting to kill you...

Want to know if your cat is plotting your demise? go here! It gave me a laugh!

The Ring

No I'm not talking about the movie... we are talking wedding here! first of all Nick chose a different ring once we got to the store. He tried it on and found it wasn't as comfortable as this one.No I couldn't purchase a ring because as stated in one of my previous blogs I had to purchase tires as a result of an unfortunate turn of events.

However I did find what might be considered "the ring".

Sunday, July 12, 2009

weekend fun!

Nick and I went to a bonfire this weekend. Only to my surprise Nick was in charge of bringing the wood. We didn't remember the wood. It was still fun though. we had hot dogs and watched mystery science theatre 3000. Before hand Nick and I went to cold stone and got some ice cream. It was Nicks first time there, he said it was very good but he still likes Renaissance ice cream better.

Then on Sunday I ate dinner with my family and looked at wedding clothes with my mom and dad.

Friday, July 10, 2009


I started out to Yakima 9 am yesterday. About half way there about 2\3 of the tread of my driver side front tire flew off! I pulled over to call Roger about 14 miles from Biggs. Roger googled the nearest tire place. google maps said the nearest one was about 2 miles down Rufus road in Biggs. so I put on my hazard lights and drove super slow to Biggs and turned down Rufus.. about 5 miles down Rufus I spotted a shell station. I went inside and asked the clerk ( shaggy blond hair, ears stretched, about 17 years old) where the closest tire place was. he said about 25 miles in the opposite direction. so I went back to my car and told roger what happened so he could google again.he asked what street I was on and I went to ask because there really weren't any road signs. the clerk didn't know. so we went outside and I asked a guy that was standing by the pay phone what street we were on. he was something you would expect to see in a movie. big thick glasses, thick black uni brow, buck teeth. he told me the street and that they had a tire station about 5 miles the other direction across from the pilot station. so I got back in my car hazard lights flashing going as slow as a snail till i made it to the service station the gentleman told me of. walked in there and asked if they could change my tire for me. he said that they do change tires there but that the guy that does it wouldn't there till the next day. he told me the next closest tire place was in the Dalles ( 20 miles away). I couldn't risk being caught somewhere in the middle because my tire blew off my car so I made some phone calls and my brother in law Bryan was coming to rescue me. I read a book while waiting. Bryan took the tire off and took me to the Dalles to get a new one. I finally made it to my destination in Yakima about 5:30pm. Probably needless to say I missed my shopping experience with Savannah. maybe next time.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I might get Nicks ring this weekend. I haven't completely decided yet. this is what it looks like.

I decided to go antique with mine. the diamond in antique rigs has whats called "fire" instead of "brilliance". it has the color if fire in the light. also every stone is unique because they are hand carved.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


sorry for the silence guys...I've been in a funk. I've had this really bad attitude about work and I've had to be there a lot lately.

Thankfully I will be going back to Yakima on Thursday. I happened to get a chunk of time off all blocked together so its like a mini. vacation! (in my opinion the sign should say the armpit of Washington. I like to go there because that's where all my friends and family are.)

I don't know the whole list of things I'm going to do but on Thursday I'm going shopping with Savannah, Saturday we are going to have a bonfire, somewhere in there I'm going to go see my family and Nick and I have to make some final decisions on wedding stuff. I also hope to work on some creative writing with Nick for his portfolio.

Hopefully this trip will lift my spirits and pull me out of my funk. I will also try to keep up on posting a little better.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bonnie needed a "pick-me-up"

The most amazingly terrible video I have ever seen in my life - prepare yourself your "pee-your-pants" hilarity!:

I love Fat Boy Slim . . . enjoy the awesomeness ( I want this tape!!):

I want this kid!!!!! CUTEST KID EVER!:

Epic Kitty Action:

Happy 4th!

Just wanted to say Happy 4Th of July to all! I wish I was in Yakima with all of my friends and family.

It would be a busy weekend trying to squeeze in 2 BBQ's and maybe some fire work festivities. That sounds a lot more fun then what I have planned for the night.

I'm stuck in Vancouver working. I'm noticing life gets more boring when you have a job.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I was hoping to have something to write today but I don't. I worked a double shift tonight and I'm tired. hopefully tomorrow will be different. good night all!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I think we are going to use Calla lilies and white veronica for our wedding. Like this!
The brides maids will probably have a mini. version of my bouquet and flower girls will probably hold one flower. Although I am leaving the boutonnieres up to Nick I can imagine them being one Calla Lillie and bear grass or something like that. who knows, maybe we wont have boutonnieres!

Bagby Hot Springs

I woke up this morning and on the desk there was a Portland monthly magazine opened up to the page with a Bagby Hot springs article. I decided depending on how active Nick feels next time he visits we will either go to the beach or go on the 3 mile hike through the woods to the Bagby hot springs where they have bath houses full of spring water you can soak in. we will just be careful to try to choose the bath house with clothed people as nude is allowed! There are some water falls 15 min away from the springs. I'm not sure if we should do that before we soak or after. hmmmm.
What cool thing do you want to do?