Saturday, May 9, 2009

adventure and mayhm

Its a long storey so I will try to keep it short. Last week some one hit my car while I was visiting in Yakima. She felt really bad and took care of everything so it's OK but I had to come back to Vancouver to go to work. So Nick took a half day at school to drive me back to Vancouver which was an adventure in its self. It rained hard the whole time... and then I got car sick.

The point of me telling you this is that now that my car is fixed I have to go back to Yakima to get it. Not knowing when I'm going to have another weekend off (every one else that can help me has weekends off) I found the most ridiculous way to get there this weekend. Nick is going to be in Seattle this weekend with his Best friend Micah. Melissa and roger have previous engagements and so do my parents so I am taking a train from Vancouver to Seattle and then Nick and Micah are going to take me to Yakima where I can get my car.
What is the reason for this storey you ask? I may not get the Chance to blog for a while. I will definitely be able to by Wednesday or Thursday though. Maybe the train ride will be a Harry Potter experiance I can blog about. Who knows?
Until next time!

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