Thursday, May 21, 2009

Inside the strange minds of Nick and Bonnie...

While I was on the subject of Zombies, I thought I would share the Zombie Apocalypse with you.

When I first moved to Vancouver I started having Zombie night mares. I believe it was the moving into a new house, in a new town away from most of the people I love, and not having a job that triggered them. Anyway,I was talking to Nick about My nightmares and mentioned that if there really was a zombie Apocalypse I would be one of the first to go. I mean come on.... I live in the basement! there is no where to run! Nick being the confident "night in shining armor" I know said that he would come and get me. at this point I'm thinking "oh good! I only have to live 4 hours in the basement in a Zombie apocalypse! and that's If he leaves right away and doesn't have Zombie trouble or congestion on the way!" He said that it would be OK because he would speed and get there fast. how fast does someone have to drive to save an accident prone girl without anything to fight Zombies off with? " Behold the scary book! Back Zombie, Back I say!" Yeah... that would work. I have trouble squishing spiders let alone a zombie hoard .

I will just hope it stays in my imagination and those scientists experimenting with cells don't stumble upon Zombies. Nick thinks its more likely to be something like a plague, or 28 days later type of thing. ;)

No we arent crazy, we do have weird hypathetical converstions though!

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