Sunday, May 31, 2009


I just got a call for an interview at Gamecrazy. I did tell the guy that I would go, but then I asked how much an hour I would be making. It would be .50 or $1 an hour less then I make now! I think I would rather work for Gamecrazy then the Deli. I don't know if I should still go and try to barter better money, Or just call him back and tell him I changed my mind! Decisions, Decisions.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Tonight Melissa and Roger and I went to see Wolverine. I was a little disappointed. I felt like it was missing something. It wasn't the worst movie I've ever see though. I would give it a 3 out of 5.

What kinda' sandwich are you?

Nick thought I was a madam. It's not really a sandwich... Its a piece of bread with ham and goat cheese and sweet pepper and I think tomato on it. I thought I was a saucy tom. Turkey and cream cheese and cranberry sauce. Nick decided that makes sense!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Red Bluff

One thing I did while I was in Mississippi was visit red bluff. Roger and I raced up this hill.... I won! :D After this we used the clay as "war paint".

we walked through the water and I thought it was pretty funny to pose like I was stuck in the mud. At first it was a game but it was rather hard to get out of the mud once I was in.

We walked down some train tracks and found an old train wreck which we explored. (note the war paint)

that was also the day roger had his triathlon. He won his division!

What was Nick doing you ask? He was probably at school or work. One day I would really like to take Nick to red bluff and the other places I experienced while in the south.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Nick just introduced me to waterlollies! Its a fun little animation done by Adam Phillips. Its all done in flash animation (which is difficult) and he has won awards as the best flash animator in the world. He has a few clips that were pretty cute so I thought I would share one with you.

Birthday fun!

Melissa and Roger took me out for a Birthday lunch today. the plan was to go eat Greek food. apparently the people of Portland don't like Greek food or people who eat Greek food. The first place we went to was closed, the second one was impossible to find and when we asked for directions we were sent walking through the bad part of town. Melissa asked Roger to look tough so we didn't get mugged. We finally gave up on Greek food and went to Noodles and Company which was right by where we parked our car.

Roger got me A birthday cookie. Overall I got a Good walk and food! what could be better!

Happy Birthdy!

Happy Birthday to me!

Something Different - brought to you by Nick (the other half)

While I was browsing across the “wonderful world wide web,” I happened to stumble across a delightfully bizarre and painfully funny “story” someone decided worthy of posting online. So without any further fuss – I give to you: “Something Different”

*click image to enlarge*

Or if you prefer, you can hop on over and watch the "better" version on YouTube:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wedding Wednesday

Wedding Wednesday! here pretty soon I may have to stop updating on my wedding. there is only so much I can say on it... and its still a year away! Nick and I had sage green
and chocolate brown for our wedding colors. apparently they didn't have these colors in the renaissance! Sooooo, I think what we are going to end up doing is getting the dresses in green and use that green for a color. I'm not sure what we are going to do with chocolate yet. Are colors really that important?

home made tomato soup

Melissa made tomato soup last night. Its not like what you would expect tomato soup to look, or taste like but its still good. thank you Melissa! when I eat the tomato soup it makes my tummy happy!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I'm talking about the kinda booties that go on your feet... not the ones you sit on or the treasure pirates all go for. people kept saying put your booties in the dishwasher for 2 minutes but they didn't say why. I even asked and they still didn't give me an answer! so yesterday after observing that my booties were abnormally dirty I put them in the dishwasher for 6 minutes just to be sure. The heat expanded the booties so they didn't fin on my shoes any more!

Luckily when I got back to work today they shrank almost to normal size. at least they stay on my shoes now!


Mia was a Labradoodle intended to be Rachel's ( my niece) companion. Rachel doesn't know many people in Yakima and needed someone to play with. I have seen several labradoodles and they all seemed to calm down after about 1 1/2 years or so. Mia did not. Mia was a good dog, she was just to active for the house and family she was staying with.
This weekend Mia found a new home. A forest ranger at Mt. Rainier wanted her as a companion for her golden retriever. Now Mia has an active companion and plenty of room to run around in.
We still love you Mia, but you will find a new level of happiness where you are at.
(Unfortunately all of the pictures I have of Mia are on my cell phone)

Birthday dinner

The night before last Nick made me a wonderful birthday dinner. It was a pasta dish with grilled tomatoes, asparagus, and mushrooms. We also had a side of garlic bread. What was for desert you ask? A Mt. saint Helens from Renaissance ice cream shop! mmmmmmm... It was very yummy. Thank you Nick!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Mystery men!

I introduced Nick to mystery men this weekend. He said he liked it! I'm not surprised, Nick and I both enjoy really bad movies and really weird movies. this one in my opinion fits both of those categories.

Every good thing comes to an end...

Father time has this cruel joke he likes to play on people. When you are the happiest or having the most fun he seems to speed things up for you so its never enough.

Yes... It was time for Nick to go home. Now we are going to try to plan another time we can spend together.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

the little things...

what woman doesn't like the first things she hears in the morning to be " good morning woman of my dreams," and a serenade of "you are so beautiful"? of course followed by a discussion on how neither of us really know the words. Its the little things that remind me why I want to spend the rest of my life with him.


Nick and I drove up to Packwood yesterday.
the drive was fun... Up until the traffic slowed to a crawl so slow that it didn't even register on the speedometer. every time we hit a 20 minute mark in the slow traffic Nick would say, "its OK, we will be out of the car soon enough." Then I would say " you said that 20 minutes ago." or 40 minutes and so on and so forth.

we drove to the camp site the rest of my family were staying at to see if they wanted to come with us to Packwood. they said they did want to but it was so crowded at Packwood we never did find each other.

I should explain that every memorial weekend Packwood turns into a huge flee market.

Nick and I were so proud of ourselves for only spending $20 between us. we got 4 movies. I got Krull, and Mystery men. Nick got an old Superman movie and Bubble gum crisis.

then we went back to have dinner with my family and went back to Vancouver.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Bugs breakthrough!

Bug has this horrible habit of barking whenever he wants something. Like when he wants you to pet him, or lift him on a piece of furniture, or get the food he flicked under the sofa back out so he can eat it. I don't particularly like that habbit, so I have been working with him. Today when I got home from getting my paycheck I sat down and Bug simply put his head on my foot to show he was ready for some attention!

Good boy Bug!

of course when I was done giving him attention he started barking at me so he still has a little work to go.


It was really hard trying to decide what this weeks flashback Friday would be about.

I desperately needed some change in my life. Last summer I did one of the most spontaneous things I have ever done. I told my boss that I was moving to Mississippi and I would like to just pack and go and they were short on hours anyway. Sometimes he was pretty good at giving me what I wanted and this was one of those times although he did ask me several times if I was sure. I had my apartment packed up and stored away within 2 weeks(thanks for letting me use the garage mom and dad!) It took longer for me to get my ticket then I thought it would but I was on my way!

I had heard Mixed reviews about Mississippi. some said it was really dry and others said it was beautiful. I would have to say that I didn't see a ton of thick grass in yards like I do here but Mississippi is beautiful.

And I met a lot of new people, and did a lot of things that I will never forget.

I went kayaking, where Roger gave me the Indian name "drunk with power." I went to red bluff ( which is a flashback Friday all on its own). I met Kat and Dan, and the crew at the pastry garden. we had an alien invasion party. I helped with Melissa and rogers adoption party.

I went to Florinda

and new Orleans. and a ton more.

I will never forget my time in Mississippi. I had so much fun!

I didn't want to make the blog super long so you will have to read next weeks Flashback Friday for the adventure and mayhem had!

busy but hopefully fun weekend!

Nick is coming to see me this weekend, going to packwood on saturday, Plus work! I'm looking forward to most of it! Will update you soon!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Flight of the Conchords!

I just found out that flight of the Conchords was in Oregon last Thursday. I knew they were coming but I didn't know when. I'm really disappointed and I bet Nick will be also when he finds out.I love flight of the Conchords. Not like I wanna marry them type of love. It just would have been really really fun to see them live.

Business time is one of my faves!

this one is Nicks favorate!

Power thurst

This clip Does have the "F" word one time in it. If that is offensive to you then please don't watch it. Nick gets a good chuckle out of this one.

Inside the strange minds of Nick and Bonnie...

While I was on the subject of Zombies, I thought I would share the Zombie Apocalypse with you.

When I first moved to Vancouver I started having Zombie night mares. I believe it was the moving into a new house, in a new town away from most of the people I love, and not having a job that triggered them. Anyway,I was talking to Nick about My nightmares and mentioned that if there really was a zombie Apocalypse I would be one of the first to go. I mean come on.... I live in the basement! there is no where to run! Nick being the confident "night in shining armor" I know said that he would come and get me. at this point I'm thinking "oh good! I only have to live 4 hours in the basement in a Zombie apocalypse! and that's If he leaves right away and doesn't have Zombie trouble or congestion on the way!" He said that it would be OK because he would speed and get there fast. how fast does someone have to drive to save an accident prone girl without anything to fight Zombies off with? " Behold the scary book! Back Zombie, Back I say!" Yeah... that would work. I have trouble squishing spiders let alone a zombie hoard .

I will just hope it stays in my imagination and those scientists experimenting with cells don't stumble upon Zombies. Nick thinks its more likely to be something like a plague, or 28 days later type of thing. ;)

No we arent crazy, we do have weird hypathetical converstions though!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pride and Prejudice... and Zombies?

If anyone can find a book that is out of the ordinary and still mildly entertaining its Nick. Probably about a month ago Nick gave me the book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

If you like pride and prejudice, Zombies and ninjas its a must read... If not... don't attempt. you really do need to like all of these things to enjoy the book! and as a Geek... I do! Thanks Nick!

Oh yes and I found out they are going to make a movie out of it!

wednesday wedding update!

Nick and I both don't want to get married in a court house and we don't want to be married in a church we wont be attending.

I also tired to find a court house wedding pic and apparently they are so horrible that no one shares them online.

Anyway, Nick thought maybe we could find a way that his brother Mike could do it. I wouldn't have a problem with that, Mike looked into it and he's really excited to preform the ceremony but the "Elders" in his church don't think Nick and I should even be getting married. Mike didn't go into detail about it, he only said enough so that we knew that he couldn't get certified in his church. He said that he could get certified in a more liberal church but then he would be burning bridges with his church because his "Elders" said their peace. The other option is to be a judge. So we are back at square one I guess.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The case of the missing pants Material.

Before anyone reads any further, the author Laurie Nutaro gave me the courage to write this blog as it is not what you would usually see in a blog- and it's highly embarrassing to myself!

When I first moved in with Melissa and Roger they warned me to keep my clothes off the floor or bug (their Pomeranian) would eat them. I didn't have a problem with that, dirty in the hamper, clean in the closet on the shelf; no folding necessary!

If there is one thing I hate its folding laundry. Washing and drying I don't have a problem with but folding laundry is something else; so I am a little behind on folding and putting my laundry away. Now that we are living in Vancouver I no longer have a closet for my unfolded laundry. Instead I use a bench! Its not nearly as bad as this but it is time to fold it and put it away never the less! Note the baby in the quicksand clothes of death!

so I came home from getting my car from Yakima last week, if you recall the blog: "adventure and mayhem" and the clothes I was wearing were wet from the rain so I opted to change into my "jammies". Halfway back up the stairs ( yes I am what one might call a basement troll) I thought I might as well put my robe on. I finished my night hanging out with Melissa and Roger and then went downstairs to go to bed and realized there was a baseball sized hole in the crotch of my pants.

Not only does bug not come into my "troll hole" but he is what Melissa and Roger would call too " non-athletic" to jump up on the bench. That could only leave Rizzo; My clothes eating mutt buddy. this made me wonder how many times Rizzo had chewed things up and blamed it on bug. Over the next week I found 2 more pairs of pants and some socks that had been chewed. One pair of pants I had only realised after parading around upstairs for a time without my robe. Melissa and Roger both left to work quickly so I was either very lucky and they weren't home long enough to see my "Glory" or they did see my "Glory " and ran as fast as they could.

Needless to say Rizzo is grounded until further notice.

Of crickets!?!

If there is one thing Nick cant stand its when people ask him to get of crickets for him. Like " can I have 24 of crickets?". and yes this does happen in Yakima...a lot.

While looking for the most wonderful perfume in the world, amorito, which was rumored to be at the body shop I found a cologne called "of a man". Although its not exactly "of crickets" I am seriously thinking about spending the $25 for this cologne for Nick. He would catch my meaning. It would bring a smile to his face and then he would say " I hate of crickets!"

Monday, May 18, 2009

Nicks Video Choice...

I was talking to Nick on the phone when I put the dramatic look clip on and nick wanted me to put this one on for him... so here it is. Enjoy... I did. :)

Dramatic Look!


I forgot my work clothes were in the washer.... I have to leave in 10 min! aaaarrrggh!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nick school update...

It may take longer for Nick to move to Vancouver then he originally planned. He thought that he would graduate his course with a degree but he graduates with a certificate of completion. he can get a degree with 31 more credits so he is going to tough it out and stay until its done. He is going to do more research on it on Monday so he should find out about how much longer...I hope.

Hair of doom!

Every normal woman has to rant every once in while right? I know I'm not the only woman in the world that wishes they were born hairless in some areas. I don't understand why It is socially acceptable for men to get away hairy legs but women have to be smooth and hairless! Shaving your legs is such a hassle! Razor burn, cuts,

shaving cream every wear, by the time you are done shaving you are out of hot water, you get out of the shower and not only notice that you have patches from spots you missed but you get goose bumps and shaving was for nothing because you already have new growth.

I suppose there are only a few options for the unlucky women born with hairy legs. you can get lucky like me and get a guy that is very understanding and doesn't mind if you go a few days without shaving, work hard and endure the pain and hassle of staying hairless, or move to Europe. I hear they don't shave there!

I hope this blog/rant had a little common ground with the women reading my blog... and for the men, remember you are lucky you don't have to shave your legs!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Trunk Monkey!

I don't know about you, but I enjoyed the trunk monkey!

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Abduction Part 2...

I was running out of ideas and I was starting to grow bored with the abduction. So I started to give Nick little clues on the where bouts of G.I. JOE so I could watch Nick look for him for my entertainment. I hid G.I JOE in an ingenious location, Nick would never find him. Soon Nick started turning everyone in the store against each other for his entertainment. I think it was also in hopes that someone would crack and tell him what they knew. Little did he know there were few people who knew where G.I. JOE was at this time.

It had been several weeks when G.I JOE had become a valued prize among the associates of the store. More then one person wanted to get their hands on him and join in the fun. I gave Ashley (one of the girls we both worked with) and Nick the best clue I could think of to give them an equal advantage to finding G.I. JOE.

Nick single handedly rescued G.I. JOE from his prison inside a manila envelope taped under a base deck.

Unfortunately after our adventure someone really did abduct G.I. JOE when she allegedly lost him in her car and then sold her car.

I bought Nick a new G.I. JOE just like the last one in memory of his dear old friend. Now from what I understand G.I. JOE #2 lives in Nicks backpack and goes to school with him daily.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We are taking a less traditional, OK very non traditional rout for our wedding. Most people spend hundreds of dollars on paper for wedding invitations, RSVP, etc.
There is nothing wrong with that If its how you want to do things but while I was thinking about our wedding and how much money we don't have and how much paper is used and then thrown away for these things ( no I'm not a major tree hugger but I am concerned for the environment)

I thought of something that is just perfect for us!

Nick is going to school for graphic design. You can see his work at . So I thought why not let Nick do an Invitation website? Of course he will have to password protect it so that we don't end up with miscellaneous people at our wedding, but what a good way for him to show all of our family and friends what he learned at school! Not to mention it will cost less and save some trees.

Some of the things we are thinking about doing in the web invite are a count down, easy RSVP right there, and a small time laps animation. Hopefully it works out the way we plan!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Lived!

Melissa ( my sister) said that for the full "train" experience I needed a scarf and a long cigarette. I don't smoke and the only scarf I have is a black one with little skulls on it. It seemed to do the trick!

For all of you wondering about the train ride, It wasn't Harry Potter it was more Willy Wonka!

I'm the guy on the bottom right.

I have been a little sick for the last week and have been as heavily medicated as safely as possible with over the counter drugs!
I also wanted to say happy Mother's day to all the mothers out there!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

adventure and mayhm

Its a long storey so I will try to keep it short. Last week some one hit my car while I was visiting in Yakima. She felt really bad and took care of everything so it's OK but I had to come back to Vancouver to go to work. So Nick took a half day at school to drive me back to Vancouver which was an adventure in its self. It rained hard the whole time... and then I got car sick.

The point of me telling you this is that now that my car is fixed I have to go back to Yakima to get it. Not knowing when I'm going to have another weekend off (every one else that can help me has weekends off) I found the most ridiculous way to get there this weekend. Nick is going to be in Seattle this weekend with his Best friend Micah. Melissa and roger have previous engagements and so do my parents so I am taking a train from Vancouver to Seattle and then Nick and Micah are going to take me to Yakima where I can get my car.
What is the reason for this storey you ask? I may not get the Chance to blog for a while. I will definitely be able to by Wednesday or Thursday though. Maybe the train ride will be a Harry Potter experiance I can blog about. Who knows?
Until next time!

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Abduction!

I went to work that afternoon like many afternoons before. After walking into the backroom I noticed a "Missing Poster" on the wall by the time clock. Nicks' beloved G.I. JOE was MIA. Not just missing... But abducted from his post at the front registers! Nick informed me he received a Ransom note in his locker that morning. The note read "Bring $20 in small unmarked bills and G.I. JOE will be returned unharmed." He also informed me That he doesn't negotiate with terrorists so I might as well give G.I JOE back... and there it was... I was caught... so I payed it off with, " why do you think I have G.I JOE?" He replied, "because your the only one in this place that would think of something like that." I spent the rest of the day trying to convince him that I didn't have anything to do with it but these guys sound like they mean business so he better do what they say.
Soon he Began receiving Ransom pictures.G.I JOE tied to toy train tracks,

G.I JOE being dragged behind a toy horse,

G.I. Joe over a lighter,

and others of the like.

When that didn't work someone sent him G.I. Joe's arms to show him they meant business. Nick stayed strong. After all G.I. JOE was only a lost and found toy that after going weeks unclaimed Nick himself had claimed for something to put a smile on his face when he was having a bad day.I had to think of something, I mean Abducting G.I. JOE was one thing but I couldn't just "off" the guy because Because Nick wasn't cooperating.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mac vs. PC

This Vidio was independantly made. It was very well done and the geek in me loved it! enjoy!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wedding update!

If there is one thing I can't resist it is updating everyone on my wedding plans. Who knows, maybe I will just use Wednesdays for wedding updates so that people who are tired of hearing about it can skip those days.

So I have this super amazing guy who usually gives me whatever I want. Most women would die for such luck, and don't get me wrong I love it; but I want him to LOVE our wedding also. I mean it is his too right? so one day we were talking about themed weddings and I came out and asked him outright what he wanted our wedding to be like. He said that if he was planning it by his self he would do something old world fantasy. so, I started thinking and there wasn't any reason I could think of that the things I already planned wouldn't work with the theme he wanted. so I hopped on over to and this is the brides maid dress I came up with!

I'm having some trouble finding flower girl dresses that match though so if anyone has any ideas feel free to share. I just need little green Renaissance dresses.

Also we have come to the conclusion that the flower girls and ring bearers will be hobbits. unless we cant make it work realistically.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just starting out

My sister and her Husband have been Blogging about their adoption process for several months now. Although I sometimes take pleasure in teasing them about there not really being much of a point in a blog, I myself have been drawn to learn the art of blogging.

The more I think about the path I have taken in life, and the fun and adventures I have had ( as much fun and adventure a small town girl can have anyway) I feel the need to share my stories with anyone who wants to read. I hope to provide some mild entertainment and who knows... maybe a little inspiration to blog readers. I also hope for good spelling and grammar as the blogger!

What is to be expected from this blog you ask? Flash backs, wedding updates, day to day life, dreams and aspirations, and even a little randomness and weirdness.

Happy reading!