Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We are taking a less traditional, OK very non traditional rout for our wedding. Most people spend hundreds of dollars on paper for wedding invitations, RSVP, etc.
There is nothing wrong with that If its how you want to do things but while I was thinking about our wedding and how much money we don't have and how much paper is used and then thrown away for these things ( no I'm not a major tree hugger but I am concerned for the environment)

I thought of something that is just perfect for us!

Nick is going to school for graphic design. You can see his work at . So I thought why not let Nick do an Invitation website? Of course he will have to password protect it so that we don't end up with miscellaneous people at our wedding, but what a good way for him to show all of our family and friends what he learned at school! Not to mention it will cost less and save some trees.

Some of the things we are thinking about doing in the web invite are a count down, easy RSVP right there, and a small time laps animation. Hopefully it works out the way we plan!

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