Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The case of the missing pants Material.

Before anyone reads any further, the author Laurie Nutaro gave me the courage to write this blog as it is not what you would usually see in a blog- and it's highly embarrassing to myself!

When I first moved in with Melissa and Roger they warned me to keep my clothes off the floor or bug (their Pomeranian) would eat them. I didn't have a problem with that, dirty in the hamper, clean in the closet on the shelf; no folding necessary!

If there is one thing I hate its folding laundry. Washing and drying I don't have a problem with but folding laundry is something else; so I am a little behind on folding and putting my laundry away. Now that we are living in Vancouver I no longer have a closet for my unfolded laundry. Instead I use a bench! Its not nearly as bad as this but it is time to fold it and put it away never the less! Note the baby in the quicksand clothes of death!

so I came home from getting my car from Yakima last week, if you recall the blog: "adventure and mayhem" and the clothes I was wearing were wet from the rain so I opted to change into my "jammies". Halfway back up the stairs ( yes I am what one might call a basement troll) I thought I might as well put my robe on. I finished my night hanging out with Melissa and Roger and then went downstairs to go to bed and realized there was a baseball sized hole in the crotch of my pants.

Not only does bug not come into my "troll hole" but he is what Melissa and Roger would call too " non-athletic" to jump up on the bench. That could only leave Rizzo; My clothes eating mutt buddy. this made me wonder how many times Rizzo had chewed things up and blamed it on bug. Over the next week I found 2 more pairs of pants and some socks that had been chewed. One pair of pants I had only realised after parading around upstairs for a time without my robe. Melissa and Roger both left to work quickly so I was either very lucky and they weren't home long enough to see my "Glory" or they did see my "Glory " and ran as fast as they could.

Needless to say Rizzo is grounded until further notice.

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