Monday, June 29, 2009

things every one should know about food!

I have been reading... yes I do read! No one thinks of food as a Cancer causing, disease creating, energy destroyer. No not all food, but the wrong kind of food which I'm finding is more things then I suspected. I will give you a few facts ( I will try not to get out of hand). There are a few things to touch on so I will split it up into several blogs. today I will talk about additives.
  • "60 - 90% of chronic, degenerative diseases can be prevented by diet and lifestyle."

If its not food...Don't eat it! , Kelly Hayford, C.N.C

  • "70% of all antibiotic drugs in the U.S. are being fed to farm animal as growth promoters or production aids, reducing the effectiveness of these drugs in humans and increasing the spread of resistant bacteria. This practice is now starting to be banned in Europe."

Union of Concerned Scientists

  • "Mono sodium glutamate (MSG) is a popular flavor enhancer that causes people to crave more of the food which it is added. Over 60% of processed foods now contain this neurotoxin, despite the fact it has been proven to cause brain damage and is accordingly not recommended for use in baby foods."

  • "Since the 1950's over 3,500 man made chemicals has found their way into manufactured food. nowadays in the U.S. alone we consume every year a staggering one million tons of food chemicals in addition, 50,000 chemicals are released into the environment by industry and 2.6 billion pounds of pesticides and herbicides are sprayed onto food and pastures."

Patric Holford, Optimum nutrition bible

  • "At present, 9 chemical food colorings are permanently listed as safe. Among them FD and C Blue No. 1 and FD and C Citrus Red No. 2 have been shown to cause tumors at the site of injection in animals, but the FDA does not consider this significant because the experiment concerned injection by needle and not ingestion by food... FD and C Red No. 40, one of the most widely used colorings, is also being quietened because it is made from a base known to be carcinogenic and because many scientists feel that it should not have been given permanent listing based on the manufacturers tests."

Ruth Winter, M.S. , A Consumers Dictionary of Food Additives

  • In one case, where the researcher used soup in the (MSG) study, the researchers obtained the soup from japan ( the worlds Largest producer of MSG)... In these controlled studies some subjects always react to MSG, but large numbers also react to the placebo. These studies conclude that since the subjects react to both MSG and the placebo, It "proves" that it is not the MSG that people are reacting to...For years, I could not figure out why large numbers of subjects in MSG industry sponsored studies were reacting to placebos which by definition, should be made up of inert, non reactive material. Finally, in 1993, we found the answer. The Placebos contained aspartame!... Aspartame is far from inert and nonreactive... Indeed, MSG sensitive people suffer similar adverse reactions from aspartame, providing that they ingest amounts that exceed their tolerance levels, and vise verse.

Jack L. Samuels, Truth in labeling

If you don't know, aspartame is also used in rat poison!

In order to keep this short (er) I will just add that there are also quotes expressing that just because the FDA says its safe does not mean they actually tested it. Companies like to use the phrase "there is no evidence to that proves that" when all it means is they didn't really test it so there isn't any evidence at all. also that MSG and other additives poison your body and cause head aches, loss of energy, and weight gain.

I personally don't understand why no one has put a stop to the additives in food.

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