Saturday, June 6, 2009

D-Day sticky dart guns! GO!

Operation: Not in the face
Location: Gopher Broke Ranch
Time:13:00 hours

As the clouds parted and the sun emerged, carnage erupted at "Gopher Broke Ranch" as Sgt. D. and Priv. J. ( Nicks nephews )were under fire by Sneaky Ninja B. and Hardcore Jedi N. ( Bonnie and Nick.) Nick was rockin' a "rad" skullet and Bonnie loved it more then anything in the universe... sorta ( not really.) While Nick searched desperately for his lightsaber - Bonnie was left to defend herself against the mighty minion armed and ruthless horde of D. and J. As soon as Nick realized his lightsaber was nowhere to be found, he joined the "living legend" Bonnie in total war with foam bullets of nerfy doom flying in every direction. The casualties were high. Nerves were tested. Giggles were had by all, and in the end Sgt. D and Priv. J abandoned their posts to pursue illustrious careers as Godzilla and Mecha-Gamera. We had Ice-cream and cake.

The following images have been de-classified for available viewing:

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