Friday, June 26, 2009

Lacuna Coil

A few years back, Nick took me to see the lacuna coil concert that played in Seattle.

I don't remember the whole list of people that played that night ( Nick is the one to asked for that). I do remember stolen babies being there ( Nick bought a CD from them).

We were getting ready to go and I had a long sleeve shirt on. Nick told me it was a small venue so long sleeves wouldn't be a good idea. He let me borrow one of his shirts. It wasn't until later that I realized I was totally unprepared.

We were waiting in line to get into the building when Nick welcomed me to Seattle. I looked up at him a little confused and then I saw. There was a woman walking by without a shirt on and her nipples covered with electrical tape. she was not the only one I saw dressed in that fashion.

once in we got ear plugs that didn't fit in my ears, It was really hot and crowded. We listened through several bands and the longer we listened the hotter it got. the security guards started spraying people with water to keep anyone from overheating... unfortunately they didn't think it was as important for the people that weren't on the floor next to the stage. I got through all of the bands and I realized I was going to be sick.

Lesson learned: when you go to a concert dress like one of the electrical tape girls! That way you don't get too hot while at the concert and nearly die! Just joking I wouldn't dress like that... I will dress for the heat though!

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