Wednesday, June 24, 2009


for today's wedding Wednesday I wanted to tell you about the pottery we will be using! something that is important to nick and is only slightly less important to me is that things that we use in our wedding don't look mass produced. we wanted it to look more " handmade". after having this conversation with Nick I realized that I know of someone that makes pottery as an on the side business.

Valerie Blessly is a very talented woman. Her and her husband make instruments, she is a performer of the harp and kentle, she makes pottery, and she is an English teacher.

what are we doing with hand made pots you ask? we are going to plant rosemary, sage, and maybe thyme in them for center pieces on our tables! I took some pictures of her pottery but the computer wouldn't download them for some reason. I also looked for some pictures online that might look similar and all of them look like they were pulled out of an assembly line.

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  1. It's important to pick the right pot for your wedding day.

    No, wait. That sounds wrong.