Friday, June 12, 2009

OGBALL! ( flashback friday)

A few months ago My sister (Heidi) and her family were visiting. we all decided to go to the park, at the time it was cloudy so I dressed warm. The minute we got to the park I realised that was a big mistake! At first it was just that the sun was coming out and it felt like it was 100 degrees. Then someone came up with this great idea of playing a game sense we had Luke's ( my nephew) ball. at this point I'm thinking " are you kidding me? its like 100 degrees, I'm wearing a turtle neck, and you want me to run around a field chasing a ball!?!" you see, the rest of the group wore t-shirts under their sweat shirts, which them smart and me dumb. When I got a hold of the ball I threw it at Melissas head to make sure every one knew I won, which made me smart.
and then the ball bounced off her head and hit me in the face, I think that made me dumb again. I was hot, I got sunburned, I kick like a girl (in this picture it looks like I might do the typical "me" and either fall on my butt or my face), and the guy that won had a fractured foot so he couldn't even run! But in the end it was a good day.

FYI: Ogball is the name we gave the game that we made up. its not a real game, unless you are in my family.

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