Friday, June 19, 2009

The rebellion

After work I drive around the block so I can park on the street the way you are supposed to. One day I noticed there were at least 20 other cars in the neighborhood parked "illegally". If someone wanted to give me a ticket then they would be giving a lot of tickets that day. So I decided I'm going to be a rebel! I'm not going to drive around the block to park the "right" way!

Of course when Holly followed me to Vancouver from Yakima I did my usual parking job and Holly followed me in. She was only there for about 4 hours and her car was hit and then the perpetrator "ran".

A few days later I walked into the house after work. Holly's eyes were as big as saucers and she exclaimed, “do you know that we are parked illegally?" while taking my shoes off I told her that I did. She said, "Oh", and turned to walk away. I asked what brought that on and she said that the officer that was at the door told her. After I asked holly a few questions she explained that the police found the person that hit her car. She was a 90 year old lady that didn't know what she hit. Luckily she has insurance. The officer also said that although we are parked illegally they don't really care on the street we live on. So I will continue my rebellion.

If you know Holly you know that she would never do anything illegal...even if it was just going over the speed limit, or parking the wrong way on the street.

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