Saturday, June 13, 2009

Do you know what you are eating?

I have been going to some seminars on lunch meat lately ( job required) and you wouldn't believe the things companies do to cut cost! I'm not going to use brand names because this post isn't supposed to be advertisement, Its supposed to be informational.

Did you know that in order to cut cost and make some lunch meats lower in fat the company will mix it with the same stuff used in diapers for absorption?!? Why you ask? because it absorbs 25% its weight in water, its tasteless, colorless, odorless, and fat free. actually it doesn't have any nutritional value what so ever.

The next issue I wanted to touch on is that meat companies that own their own slaughter houses have to use every part of the animal...EVERY PART! I understand want not waste not but they should be specific on the label. one study showed that a particular sandwich meat had over 60% connective tissue and tendons mixed into the sandwich meat. it doesn't stop there! They can say it is (for example) 100% beef because it did come from a cow!
I guess the last thing I'm going to say is; do you want to pay a little more for full muscle sandwich meat? Or are you OK with not being sure what is in your sandwich meat?

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  1. GROSS.

    I am not okay with sandwich meat.
    I do like me some turkey so you will have share some information on that soon.