Thursday, June 4, 2009

a dance in the rain...


A few years ago Nick and I were at the same wedding. I say at the same wedding because we didn't go together. I was the maid of honor, and he was a guest. This wedding was the most beautiful wedding Ive ever seen. It started to rain during the walk down the isle, the rain was fitting because she was using a Celtic song.

after the ceremony as the maid of honor I had to make a speech. I told the Bride ahead of time that I was having trouble writing a speech because I didn't really know her considering I had only met her 4 month before hand. She told me not to worry about it: but when it came time for me to give my speech I ended up sounding like a babbling idiot.

Nick was a gentleman and gave me his jacket to wear because I was forced to wear a sleeveless dress in the rain, and it was getting colder. Eventually I changed into a sweatshirt and jeans It was still cold but not bad enough to take nicks jacket.

I danced with the groom which alone was embarrassing because he knew how to dance and I didn't, he humored me and jumped around like a jumping bean along with me so I didn't have to feel bad.

When Nick asked me If I would dance with him we were on the stage that was set up all by our selves. We were looking into each others eyes sharing our first dance together when out of no where a kid comes running full speed to use the stage as a make shift slip and slide! On her way past she grabbed me by the pants which were a little to big for me so my choices were A) let her De-pants me or B)let go of nick to grab my pants and fall to the ground. I chose option B thus ending our first dance.

although we haven't danced in public since nick often takes the opportunity to dance with me in his mothers kitchen, or the hall, or other random places. He's either trying to be cute ( which is working) or trying to save me from a random De-pantsing. whatever the reason... Its a success!

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