Tuesday, July 7, 2009


sorry for the silence guys...I've been in a funk. I've had this really bad attitude about work and I've had to be there a lot lately.

Thankfully I will be going back to Yakima on Thursday. I happened to get a chunk of time off all blocked together so its like a mini. vacation! (in my opinion the sign should say the armpit of Washington. I like to go there because that's where all my friends and family are.)

I don't know the whole list of things I'm going to do but on Thursday I'm going shopping with Savannah, Saturday we are going to have a bonfire, somewhere in there I'm going to go see my family and Nick and I have to make some final decisions on wedding stuff. I also hope to work on some creative writing with Nick for his portfolio.

Hopefully this trip will lift my spirits and pull me out of my funk. I will also try to keep up on posting a little better.


  1. I hope you have a super fun time.
    Here's to kicking the funk in the butt.
    You can do it, girl.