Friday, July 24, 2009

of crickets Part 2.

caution: this post may not be word for word. It was a week ago and I didn't write it down.

About a week ago I go to leave work and like always I looked at my phone. I had 2 voice mails that went something like this.

Voicemail #1 from Nick: I hate of crickets! and these people didn't just say 24 large or small of crickets they said they wanted 24 of crickets! then I asked how many crickets they would like and they said 24 small of crickets! I think they saw my eye twitch because they took a step back! I hate of crickets!

I'm sorry I didn't write the whole thing down because it was really more entertaining then I have shown. I know he said something about of cricket people dieing. you have to understand that nick has gone several years listening to several people a day with the same grammatical error. It just makes him hate Yakima that much more.

Voicemail #2 from Nick: I of love you!

Frosting on the cake my Friends, frosting on the cake.

speaking of cakes! check out Its pretty funny!

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