Friday, July 10, 2009


I started out to Yakima 9 am yesterday. About half way there about 2\3 of the tread of my driver side front tire flew off! I pulled over to call Roger about 14 miles from Biggs. Roger googled the nearest tire place. google maps said the nearest one was about 2 miles down Rufus road in Biggs. so I put on my hazard lights and drove super slow to Biggs and turned down Rufus.. about 5 miles down Rufus I spotted a shell station. I went inside and asked the clerk ( shaggy blond hair, ears stretched, about 17 years old) where the closest tire place was. he said about 25 miles in the opposite direction. so I went back to my car and told roger what happened so he could google again.he asked what street I was on and I went to ask because there really weren't any road signs. the clerk didn't know. so we went outside and I asked a guy that was standing by the pay phone what street we were on. he was something you would expect to see in a movie. big thick glasses, thick black uni brow, buck teeth. he told me the street and that they had a tire station about 5 miles the other direction across from the pilot station. so I got back in my car hazard lights flashing going as slow as a snail till i made it to the service station the gentleman told me of. walked in there and asked if they could change my tire for me. he said that they do change tires there but that the guy that does it wouldn't there till the next day. he told me the next closest tire place was in the Dalles ( 20 miles away). I couldn't risk being caught somewhere in the middle because my tire blew off my car so I made some phone calls and my brother in law Bryan was coming to rescue me. I read a book while waiting. Bryan took the tire off and took me to the Dalles to get a new one. I finally made it to my destination in Yakima about 5:30pm. Probably needless to say I missed my shopping experience with Savannah. maybe next time.


  1. You missed your shopping experience. That sucks. Let me know if you want some dress shops to look at online.
    Have fun,

  2. we should have never trusted a road called Rufus. sheesh.

    glad you made it home safe.

    I just talked to Bryan. He said it was a fun trip and he was glad to help you out. Good guy.