Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the classy wedding

OK... so I have been looking up wedding Ideas. I kinda' know what I want in my head but I'm trying to find something that resembles my idea. I have tried looking for pictures of things in my head before and it never works so I don't know why I try! Anyway... I typed in "classy wedding" and got some pictures that make me wonder if people know what class is. some speak for them selves and others I thought were just funny.
in my opinion this is not classy! on your wedding day you should look elegant! this reminds me of something that could be used for the wedding night! FYI the bride is 16. see article.
there should be a time and a place...this isn't it!

I also found a website full of tacky wedding pictures... all while looking for some class! a must see if you enjoy laughing at other peoples classlessness!

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