Monday, December 7, 2009


Halloween was fun, spending time with the family is always wonderful during thanksgiving. this December is full of adventure!

Next week I am going to a cookie exchange in Tri-cities with Nicks mom and my soon to be sister in law. I think I'm going to make white chocolate macadamia cranberry cookies. we are also going to do a white elephant exchange.

Nick graduates from school December 18th. I didn't realize this until just recently so I am scheduled to work but I am going to do my very very best to get it off!

Unfortunately I probably wont be able to make it to my family Christmas because I work retail and they are going to Vancouver. Christmas in town will still be fun though.

in the next couple of months Nick and I will know if we are going to stay in Yakima a little longer then planned, when and where we are moving, what kind of an exiting job Nick gets... so on and so forth.

Happy December everyone!

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