Friday, August 7, 2009

Nick? Is something burning?

One day, about three years ago while Nick and I were working at PetCo, I was helping a customer when I heard a panicked girly scream "Oh my God" and "AHHHHHAAAAHHH." When I finished with my customer, I sprinted across the store where I found Nick huddled on the floor trying to catch his breath. I asked if he was OK (trying not to laugh out loud . . . or snort) and he said in a quivery voice "OH MY BALLS, I will never have kids;" this is when I couldn't contain the laughter any longer (I nearly peed my pants.) When Nick was able to talk using full sentences, I asked him what happened and he whimpered that he had been asked to fix some equipment in the fish tanks. A power head and light fixture had been shorting out and he had forgotten to wear his rubber boots. Basically water+electricity= KFG (Kentucky Fried Gentiles.) It was pretty serious because Nick did get a big shock and remained pouty for the next few days . . . and it was hard not to poke fun! After that, Nick went on to receive "several" more shocks, stabs, bumps and whacks to the groin; he still whines about it even today.

As you know we are getting married so I hope that his "little men" remained in tact. If not... we can always adopt.

I hope this blog was not offensive... If it was... I still think its funny and you should too! ZZZZAAP!

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